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07-14-2009, 10:41 AM
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Originally Posted by Papa_Bear_21 View Post

I always find it funny how people cannot move on...
Yeah, he said that, but does anyone realize that "the little girl" still managed to score 9 points in 12 games that year? That's as many as Pavel Datsyuk had this year!
It's also more than Datsyuk had in his first 25 games despite playing with much better players.

What's more shocking is that we never seem to learn from our mistakes...
  1. Overhype player
  2. Berate player when he doesn't live up to impossible expectations
  3. Demand that player be traded
  4. Wine like baby when player does well somewhere else

Could we simply just give him a chance to bounce back from ONE (yes 1) bad season?

Yes he had a bad season last year but he also had just 1 very good season.Right now we have no clue what's gonna happen next year and the Habs need to make the decision if Tomas is a # 2(can he be that player) we will soon find out

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