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10-25-2004, 03:11 PM
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Originally Posted by ATLANTARANGER
Just because the NHL has no agreement with the NHLPA I question whether that precludes someone from earning a living. I think the NHL is about to open up a Pandora's box. I would love for it to just blow up in that little _hit's face. I'ld just love to see him a Humma, a Hummering all over the media outlets.
It doesn't matter if there's an agreement with the NHLPA or not, a lockout means that teams can't make any transactions, so as long as there is a lockout there can't be any signings becouse teams arn't allowed to make them.

If an impasse is proclaimed and the owners impliment a they're own system that system will include a draft. So either way your not gonna see player under age 20 (or whatever age is in the next CBA, bargained or not) signing with teams.

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