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07-15-2009, 06:33 AM
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I really don't understand why everyone is so bent out of shape about Frolov potentially leaving. I understand he's been a King for a long time, he's a fan favorite around here, and has put up some impressive numbers. However, if you truly look at his body of work, it's not that fantastic. He's never stepped up and been a leader on the team. He's never won anything. Yes, the teams he has been forced to play on haven't been great, but that still doesn't take any responsibility away from Frolov. He was very much a part of those not-so-great teams. And again, when presented with the opportunity to step up his game just this past season, as the senior top line forward, he fell short. I understand the "but he led the team in goals!!1!" rebuttal, but hockey is a much deeper game than measuring numbers on a piece of paper months after the season has ended. It has always been the little things with Frolov that tell the real story.

I'm going to spell it out for most of you, even though I can already see the pitchforks being sharpened: Frolov is just not that good. And he's not nearly as good as most of you think he is.

I love Frolov just as much a the next guy. I really do. He could put up 30, 40 goal seasons playing second fiddle to guys like Datsyuk and Zetterberg, and I'm sure everyone would sing his praises. But he has continually shown he is not "the guy" in LA. And I'm sorry, but you don't give secondary forwards like Frolov 5+ million.

If Frolov is dealt at the deadline for someone not named Kovalchuk, I won't freak out. I'm a realistic person. A Frolov package just won't be that attractive. And I think it's becoming increasingly obvious to those of us who don't live in dream land that Kovalchuk is staying in Atlanta.

Frolov will not win us a Cup. A two time 30 goal scorer without a single piece of hardware will not win us a Cup. Get over the fact that he's your favorite player and take into account the big picture. Frolov never has, and never will, take this team to the next level. And that's unfortunate, because he has always had the talent.

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