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10-25-2004, 08:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Rancid
Valiquette is hardly NHL backup material.
Really ? and u get that opinion from........ WHERE ?

I think if u look at his NHL stats for the games he played are not bad at all. I think the guy has talent to get good time in net , but, thats imo. What did u see him start the 2 games here and pass judgement that quickly, when i actually thought when called up was quit solid. I mean where is your quote coming from , i would guess well more likely know u never seen him play more than those 2 times, so , how do u rate him as hardly NHL back up material. Seems a bit silly when u really know nothing much of the guy, u say it like u have seen him play hundreds of times. Dont talk like u know its a fact, its more or less just or your opinion.

I also voted that he is given fair credit, an ok goalie , but not good enough to carry a NHL team IMO. The guy is good for 25-30 games a season, and good to take over the starter in case a#1 of the team goes down, only then. Like i said he ios not a regular #1 man IMO.

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