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07-15-2009, 02:32 PM
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Originally Posted by skipper49 View Post
Given the recent flow of Europeans back to their motherlands and elsewhere perhaps now more North American kids can realize their childhood dreams in the NHL. Have to say it has bothered me for years that GMs overlook strong character, hard-working US or Canadian kids to take a European. Yes, some of them have alot of talent but the truth is many of them just don't have the staying power. They are scouted and recruited from within their original hockey environments and when they come over hear many of them don't make the cut. Don't get me wrong- I love Malkin, Zetterburg, Datsyuk and many others but the pendulum has gone too far at the expense of our own. Perhaps Don Cherry had something there years ago.....
Wow, I thought I hated your Dan Ellis posts but this leaves me longing for one of those.

Euro's can't have strong character, ethic of working hard and a dream of playing in the nhl? Funny, I think this team has had some shining examples of just that (Vokoun, Orszagh to name my two favorite; Timmonen; Philstrom, Peltonen, Rinne... hell, Jan Vopat endured the rash to play here).

I personally think it takes more balls to follow that dream to an unfamiliar country with a different language and culture, different ice size, and a whole host of other differences.

Besides, I thought we wanted to see the best players in the world? If an overseas player comes and washes out, how is it different than thousands and thousands of minor league, cup-of-coffe in the nhl players from North America that don't make the cut?

Don Cherry is at best extremely ethnocentric and at worst a racist on this topic. Somewhere in between is some great xenophobic territory that I think he has staked out.

I personally wouldn't recommend following Cherry down his path to protect "our own" whoever you think that may be, but to each his own.

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