Thread: Line Combos: Line Predictions (2009/10 Season)
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07-15-2009, 03:05 PM
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Originally Posted by ThePiousInfant View Post
If the Flyers don't go out and sign anyone else (which it would be hard to do unless one of Jones or Carle gets moved, which likely won't happen until closer to the season as neither is any GM's first choice), then I'd have to say that our roster looks much better with three scoring lines than with two.

Simply put, if Gagne, Briere, Giroux, Hartnell, Richards, and Carter are the top six, the third line would look atrocious.

Gagne - Richards - Briere
Hartnell - Carter - Giroux
Powe - Laperriere - Pyorala
Carcillo - Kalinski? - Asham

Those are two 4th lines, IMO.

Gagne - Richards - Laperriere?
Hartnell - Carter - Pyorala?
Powe? - Giroux - Briere
Carcillo - Kalinski? - Asham

I think this gives us three legitimate lines. Powe, Laperriere, Carcillo, Pyorala, Maroon, and (once he's ready) JVR don't look bad on paper as complements to a pair of stars - especially if you rotate these guys around depending on who's hot. But once you get three complementary players on the third line, I start to worry.

It also works out nicely from the standpoint that each of our core pairs has a deficiency addressed by their complementary player: Gagne and Richards need a grinder to go into the corners, and Giroux and Briere need some size. Hartnell and Carter really don't seem to care who their RW is, so a well-rounded defensive player like Pyorala seems to be (after any transition period) a good fit. When/if JVR or Maroon are ready to see some time, the lineup only gets stronger. And of course at the end of a one-goal game the lines would be shuffled a little bit to get the right guys on the ice.
The reason the 3rd line will look atrocious is because we are wasting too much money on dmen we dont need....They need to be moved for better bottom 6 forwards.

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