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Originally Posted by noobman View Post
It sounds like we share a similar build and style of play. If you're anything like me you have what's called the "Boyd Devereaux" stride. Your stride is long and slow, but packs a lot of power. The idea is that you're getting fewer strides in per fixed amount of time than a shorter player is, but you are still quick because of the sheer force you're pushing with.

Quick starts from a stationary position are effectively "toe" starts. You take three or four very quick strides, hitting the ice with the toe of your blade each time. You're not making a lot of contact on the ice with your blade, but you're using a lot of speed and a lot of power to propel yourself forward.

What's more important, in my eyes, is a quick start off of a directional change. This usually involves doing a hockey stop... not to come to a complete stop, but rather to shift your momentum. Step one is to build up a head of steam and to throw a hockey stop out. Instead of coming to a complete stop, you should actually start drifting backwards a little bit. What most novice players would do here is STOP, turn, and then start skating. This will almost certainly guarantee that you will be beaten. What you need to do is perform the stop and immediately transition into crossovers in the direction in which you would like to go. You should do two to four quick crossovers before transitioning into a forward stride.

My "quick starts" are still pretty haggered and slow compared to other guys, but they do pack a lot of power. I just need a lot of plyo work.

Haha, I've never heard of it referred to as a "Boyd Devereaux" stride. But yes that is probably the best way you can describe it. I can have people draped all over me because of this and I will still drag them, what I want to get better at is creating some extra seperation off of a complete stop instead of having to carry people with me. Once I hit top speed I can keep up with anyone in my league, I just wish I could hit top speed a few seconds earlier.

It's really not that detrimental to my game, as I still do very well for myself. I just want to create that extra edge to my game, and I just always want to be the best I can be.

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