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07-15-2009, 05:08 PM
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I'm not a great backwards skater and there aRE actually NHL and pro guys who do not either very well.

Watching Glen Murray when he played for Boston skating backwards was painful to watch when he tried to cover on D. A brutally awful backwards skater.

In any case I am mediocre with backwards skating, never worked on it much like I should have but do it when it is required and i do it okay enough for a forward.

I just started playing D in pickup games as they only had ice time for a D man and it is pickup so who cares if I screw up .... I had fun last Friday night and will play D again for them this Thursday.

one thing i did do a few years ago was go to a rink where not many showed up for shinny hockey so you could practice things instead because there were not enough folk to play a game .... I would do backwards leg overs in a big circle in center ice blueline to redline to blueline to redline in a big circle. I would just do laps and after about 4 laps it became smooth without much effort.

I would recommend doing that if you can access a rink to do that. I am going to try that again soon and also try those big circles and then work my way into more complex stuff backwards.

Our team needs help on D so I have taken an interest in trying it out .... I am solid with carrying the puck as a forward and we need someone who can carry the puck out of our end properly.

I think it is fun and something new ... i do feel awkward at times skating backwards as I am not used to doing it as much as a Dman does in a game.

Good practice for sure.

Go play shinny and play defense ... that'll help you learn in a place where it won't hurt to screw up.

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