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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
Best way to practice is just to line a bunch of pucks up at the edge of the blue paint around the goal and shelf them all. Focus on getting under the puck rather than pushing it. Sometimes it helps to do a little snap shot and dig the toe of the blade into the ice slightly right before scooping it up.
That is my after shinny routine when everyone has left. I shoot a bunch of pucks in tight under the crossbar from the edge of the crease all the way around in front.

The highschool coach had us do that often and it helped a lot.

As for roofing pucks don't get me started on that ... while an open face on the toe helps do it someone should be able to do it with any blade made. it is mechanics and followthrough that roof pucks and not the blade.

Your followthrough should finish generally in the area you are aiming at in front of you. The blade of your stick will be high if followthrough was high and the puck will go high. Curl the blade downward in the followthrough and the puck will go flat on the ice a bazillion miles an hour angering goalies with slow feet everywhere.

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