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Originally Posted by bleedgreen View Post
easton sakic
warrior draper
bauer p92

all the same, more or less. big open toed curve, rockered - pretty good for dangling once you get used to it. all shots in tight are top shelf, though its tough to keep it lower from distance.
It isn't tough to keep a puck down no matter what blade curve you use or raise it up when you want it to. Your followthrough dictates where the puck goes.

I see this same stuff posted in here over and over again .... it's okay it just means one hasn't learned yet but really it is simple to control where the puck goes and the blade someone uses doesn't matter much. You could have a straight blade literally like they did in the 1950s and roof or not roof a puck using your mechanics.

The puck will follow where your blade finishes after your followthrough.

If someone needs a blade curve to be a certain open faced wedge to get loft in a shot then one needs to learn how to shoot because it means that person is absolutely a poor shooter.

Now if one uses an open faced wedge to make shooting up high in tight EASIER that is one thing but using that because it is the only way they can shoot high is a sign of needing a lot more practice because this should be able to be done using literally any kind of blade or curve.

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