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Originally Posted by bleedgreen View Post
ive been playing for over 20 years, i have no problems shooting or scoring. of course technique plays a huge role, but to say certain curves dont lend themselves to roof daddy's is ridiculous....and wrong. for sake of proper education.....learn to shoot. fine. to say someone is a poor shooter because they use a pattern that helps shoot high is as ignorant as saying technique doesnt matter. at the nhl level, players use the blade that plays to their game. crosby goes flat for passing and equal shooting backhand/forehand. malkin uses the big toe hook for dangling and sweet top shelf wristers. is he a poor shooter because of his "crutch"? lets not get on a high horse about this. the sakic/p92 goes top shelf in tight better than the modo. its harder to shoot low from a distance, because the puck sails off the blade a bit, for me to hit the lower corners with them, i aim in my head a foot below the ice surface. from 50 feet out, you really have to focus on your technique to keep it on lower half of the net. regardless of your follow through. thats the point of different patterns, to play to different aspects of shooting/passing/handling. would you hit a 100 ft chip with a 2 iron? no, you hit the wedge. because its made for that. of course you can teach yourself to play the whole round with a 7 iron, but after your there.....why? just use the right club for what you do.
Well said, I couldn't agree more. There is a fine balance between technique and your blade. If you use a Lidstrom blade, good luck keeping your shot down from 50 feet, and the opposite goes for a straighter blade.
As with most things it boils down to your preference, and getting something that allows you do play the game you want to play.

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