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07-16-2009, 03:29 AM
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I'm the exact opposite. I haven't been playing long, only under 2 years so my skill set is underdeveloped, but I have the 'it' thing and score above my skill level. Though I've struggled a bit on my new team which is in a high division, on my first team in a beginners division I kept up with the ringers with a 1.5 PPG pace.

I guess in my situation compared to yours I love a fast paced game. When I have the puck rather than think I react, more or less 'using the force', and usually my instincts are pretty good. Sometimes I screw up by completely throwing the puck away when there was nothing there, but more often than not I make an average to really nice play. I actually struggle more when there isn't a play to be made and I have some space with slowing down and having a look around.

I don't know if its good advice or not, but maybe it would help to keep things simple. If your say int he corner and under pressure and need to make a pass, rather than trying to find a teammate just focus on getting the pass past the defender. Similarly, when taking a shot with an opponent in the way, rather than looking for the goal just focus on getting it past the defender. Honestly that's all I do for a good number of my points.

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