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07-16-2009, 02:50 AM
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This should be another solid team all around. The defence is excellent, the forwards are solid all around, and the goaltending could be legit...but the major difference is in the coaching. Blias baby! Thank you Jesus! There should be no excuse for why the US has underperformed the past 5 years with all that talent they have year in and out. I have high expectations for this squad, and not just because of the talent, but because of it's new leader.

Goaltending is usually an issue with the US, and this year will be no exception...But I still feel much more confident in Lee and Campbell over what we had last year. Either one can steal the show, and what a show that would be for the draft eligible Campbell.

Here is my US squad.

Jordan Schroeder
Chris Krieder
Zach Buddish
Mitch Wahl
Drew Shore
Jeremy Morin
Kyle Palmieri
Andrew Yogan
Austin Watson
Phil McRae
A.J Jenks
Danny Kristo
Kenny Ryan

John Carlson
Jake Gardiner
John Moore
Cam Fowler
Adam Comrie
Seth Helgeson
William Wrenn

Mike Lee
Jack Campbell

1. Kreider, Wahl, Schroeder
2. Palmieri, McRae, Morin
3. Shore, Kristo, Watson
4. Jenks, Yogan, Buddish

My group is pretty darn big!
Size will not be an issue here. They could go with a monster 4th line of Yogan, Buddish, and Jenks. That would be punishing. Austin Watson is my wild card. If he has the monster year that I feel he will, you better believe his 6'3 185 frame makes this squad, and could even do it in a top 6 role. I didn't want to go with too many 2010 eligible kids, but Yogan, Fowler, Campbell, and Watson are blue chips. Keep an eye out for Morin, he could be the steal of the draft, and really add scoring punch and depth to this team.

The player to keep an eye on the most is....Chris Krieder. If he is as legit as he looks, he should have no problem anchoring a top 6 role on this club despite being a freshmen this year. If he doesnt rise to the occassion, the US will not have the top stud line that we have been blessed with in the past.

A lot of CHL picks here, but hopefully they start taking the best picks possible and McRae, Yogan, Wahl are that. Jenks may be a stretch, but if his foot speed picks up, he is a perfect crash and burn 4th line guy.

Excellent all around group. Big, mean, mobile and nasty. Comrie, Helgeson, Fowler and Wrenn are all solidly built, and not afraid to lower the boom. Moore and Gardiner are the slick puck movers that this team covets, and John Carlson is the big stud shot from the point. I really like what this group can offer all around.

It is Mike Lee's show, but if he falters, Jack Campbell is the right choice to fill the void. This kid is the best thing we have had in awhile, and I honestly hope he gets that chance to shine. It is a lot to ask out of such a young kid, but I have confidence in his all world skill as well as Mike's. He is the best 2010 draft eligible goalie in the world, lets see what he can do on the big stage.

Mitch Wahl

Jordan Schroeder
Drew Shore

I think it will be way too much to ask from Cam Fowler to be either the Captain or Alternate Captain. Mitch Wahl fits the bill as a perfect C for this squad. His work ethic, leadership, and team play easily qualifies him for either the C or A.

Drew Shore is an international tournament warrior, and imo he was born to be a leader on this squad. Schroeder has the experience of previous tournaments, so you have to give him at least an A for that alone.

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