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07-16-2009, 03:09 AM
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Originally Posted by Telos View Post
Puck possession is a major part of playoff hockey. Frolov is one of the best in the league when it comes to that aspect. I find his resources invaluable come post-season. I really don't understand the consistency argument. The closest thing the Kings have to "consistent" is Kopitar and he had an off year, next to him is Frolov... I think Frolov's statistics have been fairly consistent compared with the team's statistics year to year. He is always a top producer and dominates the offensive zone while maintaining defensive responsibility. It is not like he is irreplaceable, but for the Kings... He might as well be...
Yup, yup and yup.

The short period Frolov was injured last year, the team couldn't hold on to the puck down low to save their lives. Frolov comes back from injury, oh look, the team has good puck possession again. Must be a coincidence.

Game in and game out, when the Kings are having trouble keeping the pressure up, along comes Frolov to do his thing for 20-40 seconds in the corners, and voila, the rest of the team gets a feel for holding on to the puck. Sure, if he turned those 20-40 seconds into scoring chances more often, he wouldn't be deemed Froloaf. But even when Frolov is "loafing", which he does do from time to time in terms of his defensive play and shooting, he is ALWAYS reliable to spend a few shifts making the opposing dmen tired. Even when he is not scoring he is still helping the team get an offensive feel, which under Murray is desparately needed.

Sure, other players on the team do this as well, but everyone else is very INconsistent in this area that Frolov is incredibly consistent. Our best hope to replace this is if Simmonds fills out and doesn't platuea too quickly.

I can agree that Frolov is not a leader type. It does bother me a little that he hasn't been given or demanded an 'A' on his sweater, but in the end, so long as other players on the team can fill those shoes, Frolov doesn't need to, he just needs to be a horse on the puck and score goals, which he does. If the team as a whole picks up, its not like Frolov will be left behind, he'll pick up along with everybody else.

Unfortunately, because of the damn cap and stupid UFA spending, we probably can't really compete with what Frolov would get on the UFA market without doing more reshuffling to the team than Lombardi is likely to do for the sake of Frolov. The Smyth trade and Scuderi signings kind of screwed that up, and considering Dean and company seem to be operating as if the salary cap WILL go down next year, I don't really see how we can afford to give Frolov anything more than a 4.5-5 cap hit. 5 is really pushing it. 4-4.5 would be ideal I think.

So Frolov will have to take a bit of a discount to stay here, and if his priority is to make the most money possible, we probably will have to say goodbye to him. However I just don't get the sense that Frolov will simply pursue the highest paycheck. If Dean treats him right, and the Kings get off to a good start this year, I believe that Frolov will give us a discount to stay. I could be wrong, but that's just the feeling I get.

I think the key will be Frolov not demanding to be paid 6 million in any given year. If they can keep the maximum year(s) at or below 5 mill, then I think we can fit him in without having to overhaul the salary structure.

Something else that might stand in the way of signing Frolov is how much cap space Dean is setting aside in anticipation of Quick's contract. If he thinks he will need to pay Quick anywhere close to 3 mill per, that will really hamper the number DL is willing to throw at Frolov. Its really too early to tell what Quick will get or deserve, but you know Dean has thought about it.

Hopefully something can be worked out like:

2010 5
2011 5
2012 4.8
2013 4.5
2014 4

Total: 23.3

That's a 4.66 cap hit. 5 years, so its not some super long term deal we all know DL probably won't ever offer him. It takes Fro into his thirties and leaves him young enough to get another nice big contract for a few more years.

To me, that seems like a nice discount, but still givies the man some serious bucks. But like I said, if Frolov goes the way of Cammy and demands his 6 mill per, he'll be gone by the end of the year.

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