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Originally Posted by doublejack View Post
Holland handed out a trio of bad contracts. His apologists can attempt to spin the facts, but a bad contract is a bad contract.
Yes, because paying 7.5ish mil for 100 goals and 100 assists is a bad deal.

Again, the people like DJ that think every year of every contract has to be either a bargain or no worse than market for a guy, basing that assessment solely on the what the player does on the ice in that specific year, are going to always be annoyed.

That is the path they have chosen for themselves.

Look, if Homer stays healthy enough to play 60-70 games this year 20-20 isn't unreasonable, even in a Hudler-ish role. 2.25 for one last year isn't bad. Draper's probably overpaid 250-500k this year but he won a Selke in Detroit at 1.4 mil, so the Wings have had some pretty decent bargain years with him, too.

Maltby's probably the least effective of the bunch, but he's also making by far the least. 883k isn't exactly a vastly wasteful amount of money.

Setting all of that stuff aside, however, we are talking about three guys who have been Wings longer than quite a few of the people on this board have been adult fans of the Wings. There is a history here, and as much as the people who were not around to experience it may wish to ignore it, that history has a real value.

It's not like Holland has these guys locked up to gigantic terms. They've all gotten their final multi-year deals.


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