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07-16-2009, 12:19 PM
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I used to keep two helmets in my bag: an old Selanne/Lemieux Jofa (think it was the 366) and a white Nike. The Jofa had a half-shield, was beat to hell, and I'd use that when I played ice, while the Nike helmet was my inline helmet that didn't have a shield. I had a game immediately after and noticed my Jofa was nowhere to be found. Emptied my bag on the floor and checked through the few jerseys I had balled up in the bottom of my bag. Nothing.

A few weeks later, I go to throw my skates in my bag and I hear this slight clunk. The helmet is back in my bag. I always kept a towel over it, specifically to cover the visor. Whoever put it back in the bag returned it but didn't bring back the towel (it was an old NHL breakout towel). Not that I'm complaining, and it's kinda odd that I pretty much "retired" from ice a few months after that happened so the helmet wasn't used much after it's return, but that's probably the first time I've had something stolen and returned to me in such an odd fashion.

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