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10-26-2004, 10:41 AM
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Originally Posted by Marshall
Whether or not you are convinced is fine with me. However, your conviction that if the deal was straight up Janne would be wearing the Eagle on his chest is misplaced. He cost too much for the Caps at the time (IIRC, he was making @ $4.5 to $5 mil, I could be wrong on that number), and I haven't seen anything that says the deal was anything but Sutherby for Niinimaa. I will happily admit my mistake if someone shows something to the contrary. I've done a search myself, and found nothing that contradcts what I remember.

Now, if your conviction is rooted in the fact that you think, value-wise, the deal is too dumb for the Caps to turn down, that's cool. There are, as we all know, other mitigating factors in any deal, though, and I think cost played a big factor in it.

Edit: I could not have been more wrong about Niinimaa's salary. According to USA Today, his salary was $2.9 mil when he was traded to the Isles.
You are correct that his salary was (and is) about 3 million. And, my conviction is also based on what I recall reading at that time. I also don't think that Kevin Lowe is a dumb man, and that would have been extremely dumb deal.

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