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07-16-2009, 01:52 PM
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Originally Posted by RH63 View Post
It's the smirk. TM doesn't like Fro's smirk.
To be honest, I agree that the smirk is a very dividing factor on Frolov. Some see it as him not taking the game seriously, others see it as him having an unflappable positive attitude. Me? Love the smirk.

Originally Posted by Goallum View Post
Q: At the end of next year your contract with your club expires. Any desire to go to another team that aims higher?

Frolov: We havenít even begun the discussions with the management. And in general, itís very difficult to predict something in the NHL. Itís a business, and you donít know what the management will decide. But with each year, I have a growing desire to reach the Stanley Cup playoffs not with anyone, but with the Kings. After all, itís worth a lot to reach the heights from the pits with your original team in the NHL.


Q: You have one year remaining in your contract with the Kings. Any desire to continue your career on another team, one that has better chances to contend for the Stanley Cup?

A: Actually, itís the opposite. I want to win the Stanley Cup specifically with Los Angeles. Itís more rewarding to do it with the team where youíve played for many years.


Q: Youíve been playing in Los Angeles for six years, and havenít played one single playoff game. Are you not sick and tired of such existence? Any desire to move to a strong team?

A: You canít even imagine how much I want to compete for the Stanley Cup. You cannot respect yourself as a hockey player and feel otherwise. But it would be more fulfilling to get to the playoffs with the Kings. I grew up on this team, I owe it a lot. My contract expires in a year. I would like to remain in Los Angeles to see how in a few years we will become one of the favorites in the Western Conference. We have all the prerequisites in place for that to happen. We just need to get some more experience, develop more chemistry, and everything will be fine.
If all of that doesn't scream a player who will take a little less than full UFA market value, I don't know what does. Thanks for posting that interview goallum, and all of that was BEFORE Scuderi and Smyth were added. I have to imagine those moves only reinforced the feeling he expresses here and gives him more reason to stay and stay for a little discount.

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