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Originally Posted by Defmincex13 View Post
i mean if you really wanna roll cheap and free. There are sites (will not name or link) that stream all pro sports games nightly. I only know this cause I have Verizon Fios and when Comcast on purpose to piss Verizon customers would put the Flyers on CN8 (fios does dont get this channel) and the Sixers CSN, id go this route rather then bars. Because most bars forget to put hockey on anyways over espn2 ****.

Granted online streaming feeds are not HD and sometimes laggy, but its come a long way where its totally watchable and smooth and a matter of only seconds delayed. Id suggest only doing this route if your to poor to goto the bars or its to cold out! haha.
the bar i go to puts the game on but it gets pricey so i went to the free online streaming and that was garbage haha dont know how anyone can do that all year.

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