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Originally Posted by stafuccijr View Post
Ok...I would call my style being a dangler, I have alot of speed, have great hands, and RARELY take slap shots. My main problem is getting the puck up high when im in close to the net, one timers up close, etc. Granted I've played 8 years of outdoor roller with a ball, my technique with a puck might just not be there to get my shots up high. I'm used to just a flick of my wrist up close will put the ball in the top shelf. I've been playing with a puck now for 2 years and I still have problems up close getting my shot to go top shelf. Should I be using a different curve to help aid in my lack of technique? If so, what is my best option? Thanks
hockey fan 68:
where is the key mention of shooting low from distance being his problem? maybe now that you read it, you and i will both know he is talking about shooting from in tight, not from outside. he specifically mentions only in tight and close to the net.

as for the second part about my mechanics, if you can crank a rushed slapper from the blue line with a sakic and stiff shaft without taking anything off it and without being the slightest bit aware of making sure your mechanics are tight and able to keep it 3 inches off the rink the whole way then congrats. im 6'4" 230 and when i just let one sail from out there it gets up to the upper half of the net if i dont bear down and focus on keeping it low. that isnt what its made for. its made for in closer snipes and i think you know that. this whole "everyone should be able to do anything with anything" is true, but i find people writing it are being more self serving than helping the guy out with an easy answer to an easy question. open curves will get the puck up quicker. open curves can be used in anyway just as a flat blade can be used in any way. its up to him to not use the curve as a crutch and to develop a well rounded game with it.

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