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Originally Posted by bleedgreen View Post
you said the key point of his post is he has trouble keeping it down from distance, i just showed you he said nothing of the sort and wants to know how to roof from in tight. the part YOU are bolding is MY post where i said with a sakic the puck wants to sail and you have to focus on keeping it low. from his point of development, i was saying he may have trouble keeping it down from outside with a sakic, which would seem obvious to anyone who has used one. then he replied he doesnt shoot from outside and thats not an issue for him. all good.

i wasnt saying i cant keep it low from outside. i can. i do think with a sakic its trickier, and i think if you think it isnt than using a modano i think youre a liar. its harder to shoot a 9 iron low intentionally than a shooting a 4 iron low. its just common sense.

of course he has some mechanics going on. we all do. its why we arent pros, but he had a simple question. it had a simple answer but not only you but others just tell him he sucks and to learn how to shoot. i think he knows he needs mechanics work, he just wants something that helps. if brett hull can use a blade that shoots where he wants, why cant this guy? and why does he HAVE to use a flatter blade to improve mechanics first? many ways to skin a cat.
Well just don't getting angry and start insulting people .... a good debate is just that.

My point is valid and the truth whether YOU said it or HE said is not the issue honestly.

ANYONE I DON'T CARE WHO DOES IT if one has a hard time keeping a puck down needs to practice because his shooting is poor. If he is buying certain blades because it IS THE ONLY WAY he can roof a shot .... his shooting sucks and needs to be fixed.

My point about the blade curve is *listen carefully please* is that one should be able to shoot a puck anywhere from anywhere on the rink no matter what blade or curve they are using .... a blade pattern will help do so with less effort.

That is fact and the truth no matter how much you don't want to believe it.

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