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Originally Posted by stafuccijr View Post
Hockeyfan68 - I appreciate you trying to help but you really are just giving me a headache reading your posts.
Well truth is truth about shooting pucks .... what can I do if someone won't listen because they can't conceive the fact that they may be wrong.

I'll buy you some Ibuprofen or something and call it good. I've said all I need to on the subject and would show someone in person so they can actually see what I am talking about right out on an ice rink.

Guaranteed they are shooting poorly. .... heaven forbid that they should take the time to learn something new.

The "I've played twenty years and apparently know everything and do not need to learn anything new" types get me going. I learn new stuff all the time and half the time it comes from THIS forum.

Open your minds and take advice without insult peeps. People should learn how to shoot rather than using an open faced pattern as a crutch because they can only do so with that pattern. One should be able to with ANY blade period.

Practice it with a normal pattern until you can do it and you will be abetter player when you do choose a more open faced pattern. You may even find what you were using as a crutch was overkill to begin with.

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