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07-16-2009, 04:10 PM
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Sherwood will clone a blade you send them, my friend who owns a proshop does it. It is a wood blade .... I am not sure if they do composite ones. Someone in here more knowledgable than I about that may know more.

But wood .... yep they sure do. It is a great idea and I've actually thought about doing it. The trouble is I love composite blades a lot more than wood now.

In the past I would recurve my stick blades easily the old fashioned way ... heat up the blade and bend it in the crack of a door where the hinges are or putting it in the corner of a room baseboard and pushing downward putting pressure on the toe if you wanted a little more open face.

if you got the face too open you could then lie the blade face down on the floor and step on the back of the blade with slight pressure.

A friend of mine used to use one of these ... I would recommend getting one if you use wood and are recurving your blades. This saves time and gets it right everytime the way you like it.

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