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07-17-2009, 12:46 AM
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Originally Posted by bleedgreen View Post
one thing you can do with a composite is shape the toe, as in if you want to make a square toe into a round one. take a belt sander to it, different blades allow to go to different depths before you get to part of the blade that shouldnt worn down, though i dont know if such a part really exists. then i take a dremel tool and grind the sides down till theyre smooth. if you do it right its no different than the edges it comes with. ive never done it to a warrior blade, but i have done it to easton and reebok blades. i dont know if it would work with a warrior one, based on the way the toe of one started chipping off on one i had.
Doing any cutting down or work on an easton blade, at least a nicer one, is a very bad idea. They have a reputation for being fragile for good reason- the inside of the blades are basically foam and an air bladder, and the composite shell around it is quite thin. They'll hold up if you use them properly, But if you screw around with them they'll die fast.

Basically, unless you're a pro who doesn't have to pay for composite sticks and blades, don't try to mod them. It can be done, but it's very tricky and will weaken your blade or destroy it if done wrong.

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