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07-17-2009, 12:47 AM
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I dont know about "ripping into him". With my younger brother its like I know he can do alot better and I tell him how to improve, but it DOES get to a point of going too far and just ruining his experience so I keep it to a minimum to not get to that point.

As frustrating as it is, some people dont find it necessary to play 100%+ they just want to play how they play, especially if its just recreational. You defanitly should say something to him and talk about him playing harder, but dont ride his ass about it till he gets pissed and just doesnt even want to play, cause if you are an ass about it you just may make him pissed and play slower and not try as much just to piss you off, or may just end up not wanting to play with you at all.

I guess this more depends on the person, but maybe try a subtle approach, basically say what you said to us about how he has great talent and that you think he could be playing ALOT better overall and maybe that would help him, but I wouldnt think bein a jerk about it would motivate him all that much...but I could be wrong.

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