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07-17-2009, 12:35 PM
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Originally Posted by aegwillnotwinthecup View Post
I really don't want to go through that piece by piece, and I honestly get what you're trying to say. I agree with some of what you're saying; disagree with most. That's neither here or there, though. What I really wanted to argue is how you can possibly fathom Frolov bringing us a player who is a "step forward"? What exactly do you mean by that? Kovalchuk? Because if you think that a couple months of Frolov (assuming he is traded at the deadline) - a two time 30 goal scorer with 0 games of playoff experience - plus a Hickey or two, is worth a player of Kovalchuk's caliber you're dreaming or drunk, likely both.
disagree with most? what, the facts?

a step forward means just that. something, be it an improvement at ANY position. a guy like Scott Hartnell for instance is not only NOT an improvement, but given today's roster, going forward it is completely redundant. THAT is what you call a lateral move.

i never mentioned Ilya Kovalchuk, and quite frankly, i'm not too sure that he would be all that much of a step forward. what has Kovalchuk proven over Frolov? that he is a more prolific goal scorer? how many games have you, me, anyone else here with Center Ice, or the Kings' scouting staff watched to be absolutely comfortable in Ilya's "buying in" or "taking ownership" or "compete," and that he doesn't take nights off? so he has 4 games of post season experience - in a series that Atlanta shouldn't have even been allowed to buy tickets to... they were completely embarrassed, Kovalchuk among them. Ilya is also a career minus 85, which sure, bad team... but he has never once had a plus season, even in their "playoff" year.

even at a cursory glance, does that strike you as someone "committed" to both sides of the puck and all three zones?

and why would Frolov be moved at the deadline? ask yourself, honestly. don't you think that would indicate something far more problematic with the team, like being out of the playoff picture?

if they are firmly in the picture in March, i'll give even money that if Alex isn't moved this summer or within the first month of the season, he will have played a large role in that... so why move HIM at the deadine? what if he's your leading goal scorer again (which you KNOW ins't unlikely), you gonna shoot yourself in the foot heading into the post-season by trading that offense? what do you think you're gonna get back? a non-playoff team isn't going throw a fortune to the Kings for 3 months of negotiating rights. a bubble team looking for a mutual benefit isn't going to give up a part of what helped them get there in the first place. and if you ARE playoff bound, what contender is going to make a trade with you? what contender are you going to make that trade with? a Western Conference team you MIGHT have to face in the playoffs? NOPE! so that leaves about 8 teams you can legitimately say it would be safe to trade him to. now take a look at some of those teams...

what would Pittsburgh give you? Boston? Carolina? etc.?

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