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Originally Posted by Rhinorage View Post
Well I don't work for them but I did do some research on the net. According to their website they have students from over 100 countries worldwide and have a partnership with Concordia University in Chicago to get you a masters or a PHD in leadership/sports management or you can take their 8 week training course for other related fields like scout etc. Since you already are well educated you can bypass most of the intesive training and do their 8 week training course. It's right on their main website. As for students they have a ticker on their website with names and places they currently work for down at the middle. You can do some further research on these names some of them currently work for professional leagues like the NBA, NHL, and MLB etc. Also here is a link to their Sports Agent division:

With the Better Business Bureau they have an A+ score with only 3 complaints total since they were in business in 2003 found here:

There are also testimonials from past students you can find on the net if they are legit or not I have no clue. From what I read from sites OTHER then SMWW all but one person said they all started at the lower tier leagues to get their foot into the door like Junior hockey before moving up to the professional league. The one female student that graduated got a hook up from Sports Management Worldwide for a sales position with the Phoenix Coyotes right after she graduated and she is supposedly still working there in marketing. There are a ton of links so you can look that up yourself instead of me posting them all here.

Again I am not indorsing these guys it is up to you to do your research before committing any money to them. Visit the BBB website, and look up Sports Management Worldwide on Google and you will see a lot of stuff that they have done in the past with their students and how they got their foot in the door in all professional sports. Of course they are in it for the money, but if you don't have connections, and are well educated I am sure they can polish your knowledge of the industry and help you get your foot in the door that is how it starts you have to network. If after your research you are still not convinced these guys are right for you then you donít go with them. Nothing to lose by at least doing some homework on these people hope this helps you.
I am not in the least interested having already worked as a player agent - law degree with some Tier II Junior experience. My first client came via a referral from a former Junior teammate who was in Europe first as player then a coach.

I was simply pointing out that this does not seem a well-known path to becoming a player agent and there are some basic questions that should be asked before plunking down your money.

If it is hockey the OP is interested in then also ask how many NHLPA certified agents have taken the course.

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