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07-17-2009, 07:57 PM
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Originally Posted by DinkusMaximus View Post
You're not going to find anything like Goalie Monkey, Goalie Crease, Peranis, or the Hockey Shop here in PA. Those places carry that much gear because they are all internet driven sales. Places around here can't afford to do that. The reason is if someone is spending $1200+ on pro gear they're going to get exactly what they want in terms of color/looks. So most mom n pop stores have stopped carrying pro gear because alls it does is sit on the shelves until they're forced to sell if for a reduced price. Most of the stores around here only carry kids stuff because it's easier to move since you can't get it in custom colors. Hell I've got more gear in my house then most of what these stores carry. Max's tends to carry some Vaughn, Brians, and Bauer. Skate Zone carries mostly Bauer. Iceline I don't think has had any new gear in there since the 90s. Not sure about the other rinks since I don't frequent them enough. I've heard Hockey Heaven in Colmar, PA has more then most stores but I've never been there. You could call them and ask, but ordering from Max's might be your best bet. That's where I got my stuff for years. I do some work for the Goalie Crease in Toronto though so I might be able to answer some questions.

Do you know anything about the GP9990?

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