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Originally Posted by Rhinorage View Post
There are many avenues to take to get your foot in the door. It was easy for you because you had connections and were at the right place at the right time like you said and so you didn't need to take these courses. But the OP said he has NO connections, doesn't know where to start so in his case he may not get lucky but instead find another way to get his connections and get eventually be at the right place at the right time. So in a way the OP has to make his luck by working hard and if that is taking the course they offer so be it.

There were other links posted as well other than the one I posted to fast track him into an agent position as well I was merely just giving him another option. I have no clue how many NHLPA agents have taken this course that is something the OP will have to do research on it is a good question to ask them and I am glad you brought it up.
I had a law degree and was doing international deals so it was not as if I was inexperienced in contract and financial matters.

My recommendation is get a combined business/law degree and then you have something to fall back on if you do not make it as an agent.

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