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07-17-2009, 09:57 PM
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Originally Posted by flyersguy33 View Post
Well you could always drive out to Pittsburgh and go to Perani's or drive up to Canada and go to Simmons. I have been out to Perani's and they have a lot of pads.

Been playing goalie since I was about 8 and have had all different pads. Worst pads I ever bought were the CCM Heaton 10's. Used them for one year in Midgets and they were just brutal. Then I moved to the Velocitys and loved them. Used them all the way through high school and then my first 2 years of college. Then last year the ACHA thought it would be cool to make all goalies buy 11'' wide pads. Knowing I only had two years left and needed all new equipment I didn't want to spend $2000 bucks on Velocity's, so I ordered from Simmons. I got the new Ultra Light 5's, and they are pretty much just like the Velocity's. Used them this year and had 0 problems. For about $1200 I got blocker glove and pads. Wouldn't even have been able to get a pair of Velocity's for that price.
H10s at more for old schoolers. I know some guys that couldn't play without em. As for the Simmons, Vaughns will hold up better and I'm not one for supporting a company who takes other peoples gear, steal their designs, uses cheaper materials to make them with, and then in turn sells them as their own. Not to mention blatantly rips off Vaughns Price graphics. Poor poor business practice and poor ethics. I can't support a company like that no matter how strapped for cash I might be.

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