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Originally Posted by Cadet View Post
I can skate backwards, but would like to improve.

I am looking for some kind of drill that involves dryland that would improve my backwards skating, more specifically backwards cross overs.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Ok, here's a drill to help you improve your backwards skating crossovers.

Grab the net at the goal line and pull it while you skate backwards. What this is going to do for you is act link a big crutch. Now, lets say you are going to start off pulling the next.

You will want to start with a big "C" cut first, then move right into the crossover. Make sure that you do 2 crossover first before the transition.

Ok, what...transition? Yes, this is the point between shifting from crossing over from going right to crossing over to going left.

At this point, you should have both skates on the ice with a two to three second glide, between going from side to side.

So it should be...two to the right, (2 second glide) two to the left (2 second glide) two to the right (2 second glide) and so on.

Once you get the transition down pat, then you can decrease the time of transition so that it looks like you are moving two to the right and two to the left with problems.

Now, when you are pulling the net, make sure you pull the net in different directions to accommodate the shifting of your hips in the crossover.

Once you have a good feeling and good balance, then do the same thing without the net.

Hope this helps!

Head coach

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