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07-18-2009, 12:11 AM
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So this signing does many things 1) CBGB gets his rep back.....great job
2) Darren D. takes a major credibility hit
3) JMFJ's buddy that blogs here proves he has inside info again, when he told us all that those numbers were never mentioned (5m)
4) we all need zanax or something when it comes to our kings and bad rumors, I don't remember writing anything bad about the kid and his dad but I sure thought it, my apoligies(sp)........
5) that DL and his team might know something about running a team,so we can focus on just hating AEG and Lieweekly
6) we were all pushing for something to get done this summer to prove that management was as much into this team as we are and I think all of this getting done now and not waiting for the drama to drag on proves they are...... DAMN I CAN'T WAIT FOR OCTOBER

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