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10-26-2004, 08:38 PM
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Originally Posted by clefty
Mario had 17 points in 18 games during those playoffs, which is .95 ppg. You're splitting hairs.

Why is it that so many people attribute many of Jagr's successful numbers to playing with Mario, and so many other people attribute a lot of Mario's successful numbers to playing with Jagr? Anyone else ever notice that? Never mind the fact that Jagr stuggled terribly that postseason with a shoulder injury and only had two goals.

Gretzky has 1.8 ppg in the playoffs, Lemieux 1.6. Yeah thats a huge margin. His ppg average is better, but thats what happens when you play with strong teams that enable you to consistently venture deep into the playoffs. Gretzky played twice as many playoff games than Lemieux.

Mario did.

Thats right Clefty you tell them.

Mario fought cancer, came back and won the scoring title after finishing his last treatment. You talk about Greatness? Mario sneezes greatness out of his nose, the man is unreal. is offline