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Originally Posted by Culloden View Post
alexandre daigle; I have all the ability in the world. I just never put it together. I think I love the game but I never play the way I should. I get pissed off and go six months without playing. I played varsity as a freshman and never really panned out. I skate great, I have a great shot, awesome moves I think I can think the game well.

Somehow it never works. I never have the "hustle", "work ethic", "courage". I made it to a good college team on a tryout, I have amazing skating and puck skills. But I am not effective during a game. I don't battle in the corners well, I never go in front of the net. I know I play strictly from the perimeter, and I make conscious effort to break that habit, and I do.... for like a period and then my old ways creap back.

Still can't figure out why I can roof a goal with a wrister from the faceoff circle, and yet I'll miss a wide open net through lack on concentration. I just wasn't made mentally to be a good hockey player. And now that those days are basically over with, I've accepted that.

I'm that guy who makes a great play once ever three games that people say "wow he has talent" but then I disappear for the rest of those games. I always showed just enough to keep people thinking, but never enough to be relied upon.

Ah well, we can't all be superstars
Bad attitude. With the talent you say you have, you should always be making those amazing plays

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