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07-18-2009, 07:39 PM
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Now as for the original poster ... different things can attribute to that fatigue and I would bet you have a different hollow on one than the other. The hollow is something most people don't pay any attention to and they let the skate sharpening guy just do a universal hollow for every customer as it makes his job easier.

Most of the business in a skate shop are with little kids and minors (teenagers) so there may be a chance you have a deep hollow for a smaller person and it is taking more work for you to skate because you are bigger maybe?

I do know one thing absolutely for a fact ... fatigue in one and not the other for the same skate between the two as far as model number should not be an issue. This MUST absolutely be a radius/hollow issue.

Having more steel on one would not factor into this problem you are having by the way.

Basically don't let it dictate which pair you sell or not because it isn't the skate. The only skate issue i can think of that would make one have a sluggish feeling or would fatigue you more quickly would be an improper fit and your foot is loose in them and not getting the power transfer like you do with the good pair.

I think if you get the right hollow you should be fine or get the skate fitted properly .... if the skate is not your size then get rid of them.

The other thing to consider is that maybe you have an uneven sharpening where the two points on the runner length that touch the ice are uneven causing you to use more energy to keep your skates the way they should be when skating.

Do your skates wiggle when gliding along if you are standing upright? if they wiggle a lot something is out of whack, always take your skates to a guy who has the gauges and guides to tell him if something is wrong.

What you can do for now though to check them quickly is to use a coin and lay it on the two sharpend edges of the hollow and look with your eyeballs to see if the coin is sitting uneven when looking down the length of the blade.

I hope you know what I mean I do not have a picture.

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