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Originally Posted by SSM12 View Post
i didnt know I was your younger brother

For me though, I dont know how to get motivated. Like I dont know, for me, I know its not my job you know. Its hard to describe it, for me, its not important enough for me to try my hardest. In playoffs, I do tend to pick my game up. Id say 99.5% of the time when I play hard its because I feel bad for my teamates, not because I care. Or if someone pisses me off.

An instance was I spent my whole last game dipsy doing and getting nothing done, then after the game I stayed out and just played around with the puck and taking great shots. I get in the dressing room and the team starts chewing me out for not doing it during the game.

IT also kind of depends on the mood im in. If I have a lot on my mind iI dont play well at all. Ive been told by the person who runs the league that he would move me up if I would play like a gave a damn. Im just very apathetic

As far as getting your brother motivated, I dont know. He has to want to. It happens with me, if you say something you may **** him off to try hard for that shift whatever, but it probably wont carry over to other games. Its up to him. Im 20 and still haven't gotten that "desire" to play hard. I love hockey. I play it as much as I can, but I can't get up for most games. Ill go cause I love the game.
So you do not ever get really excited anticipating the next game? Or when you make a bad play or think you could have done something different want to change it next time you get the puck?

For me reading your post is pretty upsetting, people should want to better themselves. I understand its for "fun" for you but do you love the sport and just not love playing....?

Maybe its because Im still new to playing it, but everytime I make a mistake matter it be small or big I immediatly think about making sure I do not do the same next time, whether it be making a bad pass, or it just be if I shoulda rushed a guy instead of laying back. I am looking to better myself and just improve everytime Im on the ice and get very excited waiting for the next game.

If I meet someone like you who just basically seems does not give a **** at all, I would not want you on my team, cause it would just **** me off everytime I see you on the ice. Its different if someone is TRYING and having a poor performance and when someone does not give a damn and is just wasting others ice time. If you do not care so much I really think you should not play with a team maybe just go to open hockeys and stick n puck times, quit making it worse for your team....its really selfish in my eyes.

Sorry if I seem harsh but from what you posted its just....being on a team is NOT something for you, its a team sport....get off the ice unless its open time, you are just going to **** everyone on the team off eventually if you already havent. Not that you care about that, cause its pretty apparent you dont I guess. I just do not understand how you feel that way at all but continue to play, on a team atleast.

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