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07-19-2009, 06:16 PM
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Originally Posted by hkyplayer03 View Post
Skate on the left is 4.5EE and skate on the right is 5.5EE

The graphics are different cause I took the opposite sides by accident to take pics. So for the skate on the left you are looking at holder from the inside. The skate on the left is view of the holder from outside.

Both holders are the same (light speed 2) with both blades at 1/2inch hollow and both are brand new out of the box x60's.

It's strange how the 5.5EE (right skate) gives me less fatigue despite me being able to stick a pencil in the heel area. When I was wearing them I fixed the problem by kicking heel back and tie the laces quite tight, but by the middle of the game I would get some slippage, especially when backwards skating.

The 4.5EE (left skate) fit me perfectly but it feels like I don't get as much push. I don't get any wiggle with both skates but I have noticed some scratching sounds on the 4.5EE when I take certain turns, despite stoning the burr after every game.

Is it strange to you guys how one sharpener would leave so much steel on one skate while the other will take off a lot less for the skates first sharpen out of the box. Is it justifiable for so much steel to be taken off? Should I be pissed off that the guy took off so much off the left skate?

I think I may need the profiling to be fixed, both skates have balanced blades using the coin. Here's a link below explaining profiling.
Basically, what I would do if you brought me your skates would be to measure if the edge is even. The penny might be a nice little trick, but a sharpener will have gauges that will be able to tell them if it's exactly even or not.

Second, I would feel to see if the steel is loose. It very well could be, and if it is you would be loosing a lot of energy in the energy transfer when you take a stride. That can be fixed by tightening up one screw on Tuuks, and any competent shop will have the tools to do so.

I would also look at would be the radius and compare between your two skates, they're probably different. If you don't specify, you just get whatever the last guy got and what the wheel is set at. Don't let that happen, changing radii like that will screw with your skating. If it's different, and it probably is, I would try and get you closer to your larger skate, and that would probably involve giving you a shallower hollow.

Another possibility is that the last guy who did your skates didn't put a great final pass on them. A slow final pass on the sharpener without much pressure and preferably with a honing oil will make the bottom of your skate much smoother, giving you a better glide and letting you take less strides. If he didn't do a great job on that you would notice, how much I'm not sure. I doubt you would notice to the degree you're mentioning here.

Yet another thought relating to glide is that the longer steel is sinking into the ice less and spreading out your weight, helping your glide and lowering the energy you use. Your options if you think it's that would be getting a larger holder, which your boots might or might not fit, but you could just use the holders on your larger boots. They may not fit, so you may or may not have that option.
The other choice on that end would be having your blades profiled to a flatter profile, say an 11' instead of a 9'. That's cheaper, but not all shops have the setup to do that.

Basically, take it in and have a guy check the first three things and give them a fresh sharpening at a similar hollow to the other skate, which would take care of the fourth if the guy's any good. If that fails, then look at profiling.

Good luck!

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