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Originally Posted by sidewayzLEAFS View Post
i realize that, but i dont think they compare to teh like of orr, park, bourque, potvin, robinson, chelios, etc in the 70's and 80's

also, it may also be mylimited knowledge on those players as i have heard of them and seen their stats but never also watched extensive amounts of gameplay
I understand why it is hard to compare across era's, but you need to put it into a different perspective(Adjusted stats).

Keeping in mind adjusted stats are merely around to give you this perspective. They are not to be considered absolutes.

Think of Shore's 30-35 point seasons in 44 games and pro-rate them into 80 game seasons. Jumps him into about the 64 points in 80 games category. Also think about scoring back then. It was a very very focused defensive game back then. Before defensemen generally got into the rush the way they did later when Orr gave it a new meaning and then firewagon offensive games broke out. Or even compared to today's defenseman, who join the rushes much more than anyone did back then and took fewer chances.

Due to the more defensive nature of the game, and other factors, The average goals per game around Shore's peak was 4.3 to 5 goals per game. In the 70's and 80's when Potvin and Bourque were having their heydays, scoring was more in the vicinity of 6.8 to 7.5 goals per game. If you adjust Shore's 64 points in 80 games to a level around 70's/80's scoring, he comes out looking more like a 95-105 point scorer much more often.

Like I said, these numbers are not anything absolute. They are just around to help bridge the gap between era's and understand differences.

In his time, Shore was the undisputed best defenseman in the league, and was also in contention for best player period in all positions. Harvey was much the same and both faced very good competition.

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