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10-27-2004, 07:57 AM
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Originally Posted by aragorn
I know that this is a Vermette vs Bergeron post and I like both players but I would take Vermette simply because of the potential offensive ability. I would like to compare Vermette with Spezza. Didn'T Vermette have more points than Spezza one year in junior 117 points??? What was Spezza's highest point year in junior?

My opinion is that Vermette may be better than Spezza when all is said and done. I see Spezza as being a problem child, problems seem to follow him wherever he has gone with organizations or coaches, similar to Lindros and Shremp. He seems lazy defensively, tries to pull off the same dipsey doodle moves too often and sometimes seems to put himself above the team.

On the other hand the Sens players seem to love Vermette and so do his coaches. He is already better than Spezza defensively and we know he can score too. He led Bingo in scoring two years ago and leads them so far this year. Spezza has the greater potential of the two and I hope he will fulfill it but something about him is troubling. But not with Vermette, he tries hard every time he touches the ice, he works hard, he checks and he scores. Vermette, Fisher and Havlat would be an interesting line. Is Vermette better than Schaefer at left wing?
Spezza is more talented offensively, and has produced more ppg at every level, but Vermette does have some great offensive potential. His release is really something - he is going to score a lot of goals in the NHL.

I really think Spezza has shown he has was it takes to commit and become a great player. He has been a trooper. Does he make the dipsy doodle moves too often still? Yup. But that's just part of learning when to do what. He's already improved quite a bit over the last few years and that should continue. Vermette has also tried a few moves at inopportune times.

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