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10-27-2004, 12:47 PM
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Originally Posted by 04' hockey
Gretz great, you bet - better than ORR, NO!

Replace Gretzky with Orr on the Oilers and how many cups DO THEY WIN??? Orr with that team speed, holy *****!
Certainly no more than the 4 they won.

Gretz. and Co. essentially came into the league as the All Star team from the old WHA.
You have no idea what you are talking about. The Oilers came in as an All Star team from the old WHA?

The WHA Oilers (as well as the other 3 WHA teams) had to go through two drafts, which allowed the NHL players to claim players from them, befoe they got to the NHL. The only decent player on that team, outside of Gretzky, was Blair McDonald (who was basically a product of Gretzky).

An allstar team?


Ziegler realizing Gretzky's appeal decided to "protect" his main drawing card and the great one had certain liberties during his career - something Orr NEVER had. Orr was "run at" his whole career. Run at Gretz., abd you were in the box, tell me I'm wrong.
Yes, you are wrong. For the start of his career, when he was still a kid, he had the toughest player in the NHL riding shotgun with him... no one was going to mess with Semenko. Later on, as much as players tried, they simply couldn't hit Gretzky... he very rarely ever put himself in a position where he was vulnerable.

If we could have 5 Gretzky's play 5 on 5 against 5 Orr's, who would win??, answer honestly please.

Orr was the best 5 tool hockey player EVER. And its not even close.
Seeing as we are tossing out hypothetical crap (5 Gretzky's vs 5 Orr's... lol... what the hell is that all about?), here's a question for you...

Would you take Gretzky's 20 NHL seasons, or Bobby's 10?

Please don't lie and say Orr's... Orr had 6 Good years... Gretzky had 19.

TheSpecialist - MacT thinks he was that good of a hockey player when in actuality he was no better then a Louie Debrusk.

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