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To further my arguement that Cleghorn should at least be top-15; I present his scoring records-

Scoring - 6th(1915), 8th(1922)
Assists 3rd(1919), 9th(1920), 9th(1925)
Scoring for Defensemen - 5th(1911), 3rd(1912), 2nd(1913), 1st(1914), 1st(1915), 3rd(1916), 2nd(1917), 2nd(1919), 1st(1920), 2nd(1922), 4th(1923), 4th(1924), 5th(1925)
Goals for Defensemen - 4th(1919), 2nd(1920), 2nd(1922), 3rd(1923), 3rd(1924), 5th(1925)

Play-off Scoring 8th(1919), 1st(1925)
Play-off Goals 7th(1919), 2nd(1925), 8th(1927)
Play-off Assists 9th(1919),
Play-off Scoring for Defensemen 2nd(1919), 1st(1925), 3rd(1927)

Stanley Cup Scorers - 4th(1921), 4th(1924)
Stanley Cup Scorers for Defensemen - 4th(1920), 1st(1921), 1st(1924)

Hart Voting - 2nd(1924), 2nd(1926)

I believe that is all within his own league..but he always played in one of, if not THE, top league.

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