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Originally Posted by stick9 View Post
All true and great stuff. You have to keep in mind, there are a good portion of players that simply don't have the time to work on their game away from the rink and probably only get ice time once....maybe twice a week. So while correct form and technique will help, it's not always an option.

I know all the mechanics of it and I still choose to use an open face blade to help roof pucks. Even if I had insane technique I'd opt for an open face blade just that added boost.

To the OP - Try a Warrior Draper.
Well that is true ... I do have the good fortune to have a large backyard and a goal cage that I shoot at for practice. At my age of 41 I will have to start working harder at not losing my shot by practicing more to keep in hockey shape and not get "too old". Switching to a composite from wood was a nice boost in easier release and better shooting as I started to lose a little zip a couple of years ago from getting older.

The other thing I consider in a stick blade is a happy medium .... that means finding a blade that allows you to do everything you want to do UNIVERSALLY.

I can shoot more accurately with a big wicked mid curve for slapshots, also wristshots are "easier" BUT I lose some on backhand passing and backhand shots so I use a blade somewhere in the middle of a big curve and more straight. i play the opposite wing very often and NEED a good backhand.

It comes down to what kind of player one is I guess .... if a guy is just going to occupy the top of the crease and just roof pucks and be useless everywhere else like a John Leclair who used a wicked pitching wedge then so be it.

Most men's leagues aren't that specific where one would need a a trick stick as I call them.

The point however is that if one can shoot and has good mechanics (technique) they can shoot with a washcloth tied to a broom handle.

Your point is taekn however ... if a guy is not interested in improving and just wants to weekend warrior on a pickup team i suppose it isn't my business to tell him he is doing it wrong by finding a cheat stick.

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