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07-20-2009, 04:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
I'm not an expert on sizing, but typically you want your toes to just brush the end of the skate when you put them on. When you stand up and your feet move forward, you shouldn't be able to get your finger behind your heel. You want that heel locked into place when you skate, otherwise you'll have all kinds of issues. From there, you want a higher arch support if you high arches or lower ones if you have flat feet, otherwise you'll have arch pain. Lace them up snug (not too tight) and make sure the top of your foot isn't being squeezed, otherwise you'll want a different boot which is deeper. Finally, if the sides of your feet are being squeezed at all, try and get a wide or EE model of that skate.

It's absolutely vital that your skates fit comfortably before you bake them. They will move a little bit, but the hard composite materials will not break in much if at all. It's basically a hard plastic shell for your foot, so you need to make sure your foot fits in it, not too tight, not too loose.

I skated in 8D's for a year and was miserable, my foot would roll around and I'd lose my edges, I got tons of cramps and blisters, it was just awful. Got the same skate in a 7.5EE and I haven't had a single foot pain in two years. Try on every skate on the market in every size close to yours before buying one and you'll be a better skater for it.
But that's exactly right. Sounds like the skate is the wrong size and fit. Different skates are built to different foot shapes, sounds to me like the V08 is too narrow, and instead of getting a wide size you went a half size up to make it workable.

I haven't tied on the Vector line in a while, but for me they were too narrow and had too high an arch. You could be having similar issues. I wound up in eastons, which fit me wonderfully. CCM Tacks fit pretty well too, and the U+ is much more similar to the tacks fit then the Vector. RBKs are similar as well, but with a wider heel. Bauer Supremes would probalby be an option too...

In short, I don't think your skate fits you, and It's a shame that you didn't get properly fitted. But I think your skates are workable if you want. Certainly they are a nice skate, and will offer plenty of support and protection. A lot of the issues may be alleviated with better lacing and tightening (or rather, not tightening so much in the forefoot). I do think that if you do get serious about playing, you will need to go in and get a properly fitted skate.

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