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Originally Posted by JDM View Post
The difference to me between Zeiler/Ivanans and Harrold, is that Zeiler and Ivanans have a specific asset they bring to the table. They aren't good players, or well rounded, but Ivanans is a big scary SOB and when he does fight, he can hang with pretty much anyone in the league. Zeiler is the energizer bunny and whether he is hitting the opposition or himself, everyone will notice him, including the opposition, just because of that one time he does connect and put someone in the ER. Harrold on the other hand, while being a little more well rounded than Zeiler or Ivanans, really brings nothing of particular value other than versatility. Versatility at what? Taking up a few different kinds of roster spots?

None of the three are good or great hockey players, but to me Zeiler and Ivanans fill a specific role and at times a need, whereas Harrold is someone who should really just be waiting to step in for injuries when there is not enough time to make a call-up from the minors.

I feel bad for hating Harrold so much, because I see that he works really hard and I respect that and ultimately respect him and what he has achieved for all his unremarkable talents. Its really just a matter of looking forward to the day when we have 12-15 NHL ready forwards who are obvious choices over him.

Maybe its all just Murray's fault.
i can agree with most of what you said. management obviously sees SOMETHING in zeiler and believe he can possibly fill that speedy basher that attempts to wreak some havoc.

as for ivanans i think he does his job well but that it can be done better which is what i believe they are hoping will come from westgarth. ivanans seemed to slow down throughout the year and never really was the instigator that he should be at times, it was more patrolling (which i believe is necessary barring matchups).

as for harrold, i'm with you. i hate to hate on a guy like that who you know is trying and skating his ass off but just doesn't have IT. it's a shame for him but if you want to be a better team you have got to have guys that are much better than him for his spot. it's the same type of sentiment i have for armstrong, i know the dude gave it his all every night but there's no reason for him to be on the second line or the PP. it's not their fault

so while we're getting better up front there's still a few important holes to be filled, my point was really that we have guys coming up that have the potential to potentially fill those holes correctly if we don't have the money to aquire guys who have already established themselves in the league as such.

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