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07-21-2009, 12:42 AM
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Originally Posted by Zad View Post
The problem I see is that many of these OT posts actually grow from on topic threads.

For example, an on topic thread about Hickey's development could grow into a borderline off topic discussion (i.e. bOObs) and then go completely astray (i.e. "how drunk would DIEHARD have to be to do a concession stand cashier at Staples Center's Frank & Bev's?") the question becomes, will most of the posts originate here or be delivered here by your friendly neighborhood moderators...
If I can figure out how to move posts like that here without destroying the thread I would do it Until then, just have to rely on people stopping themselves and going to this thread and saying like "you know I was just in the hickey development thread and I was just thinking about b00bs." or something like that... I suppose I have to research the other threads. Over 50% of the other teams on this board have a lounge or OT thread to goof off in... I mean, a slight jest or something of the like is fine as long as you guys are staying on topic and trying to add something relevant to the discussion as well. Example:

[Insert jest about DieHard's "Handshaking" skills here]

Oh, and it would be cool if that Mikus kid turned into another Palffy...


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