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10-27-2004, 06:49 PM
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Originally Posted by c-carp
Thanks for posting a link with the entire article. More slanted Journalism what a suprise :mad: I am starting to really hate jounalists of any kind.
You must be a republican like me. Talk about slanting stuff.....

Back to hockey. Pronger would be a great addition to any team.

I. AM. CA. Neither team has any prospect in the Minors that could be the next Chris Pronger, other then JBO in Florida. They do have great prospects, but Pronger has been playing well since he was 19 and has become dominant - there just aren't too many players w/ his gifts, Blake and Lidstrom - Chara is getting there, but not quite yet.

I agree that it is good to let the kids play to see what you get, taking a chance on someone developing, but you can't pass up on an elite D man that is a sure thing.

As for Jagr, he had additude and motivation problems his last few years in Pitts - it just got worse. Holik is a good 3rd line center, but not an elite player. Turgoen was coming off a great year and Joseph has been solid - I don't blame him for Detroits 1st round out two years ago against the Ducks - and his 'tude helped Detroit last year when they religated him.

I also agree w/ Kimley. The answers don't make a lot of sence to the questions.

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