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10-27-2004, 05:51 PM
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Originally Posted by True Blue
Several things:
First of all, no one is down on him. But most of us view him realistically. One does not enter a season with Chad Wiseman penciled in on the 2nd line. If he were to win the job, that is one thing. But to simply hand it to him is insane. Second of all, he has shown ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to indicate that he is a 20 goal player. Scoring in the minors and the bigs is two different things. Most of us judged him by what we saw at the NHL level. And there was nothing to indicate that he is a top 6 forward.
How many games have u seen him play, and be honest im sure not more than what he has with NYR.And u pass judgement that quickly.
your not down on him why dont u read what you wrote again, and SECOND OF ALL, YOU got YOUR OPINION and I got mine, is that ok with you.

And MOST OF ALL also take the time to ready what i wrote, as u obviousley didnt and were quick to jump down my throat, its only hockey talk just relax it may be the only thing u got which i would assume cause u seem offended, but i never said GIVE HIM THE SPOT go read it again i said " HE DESERVES A LEGIT SHOT " open your eyes man and read, then jump down my throat. there is a differenec from what u said said and i wrote.

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