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07-21-2009, 01:43 PM
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Well if you missed Zaromskis' opening round fight against Ikemoto then you should definitely watch it, it was seriously one of the most entertaining fights I've ever seen:

That's what I love about GPs, the tournament format really allows guys to come out of nowhere and make a name for themselves. Mousasi did it last year -- granted people knew about him because he'd fought a bit in PRIDE, but at the time I think a lot of people expected him to get beaten by Kang in the first round... and now he's mentioned as one of the top 185ers out there (though I guess he's a 205er now). This year you've got Zaromskis and potentially a guy like Joe Warren coming out of the featherweight GP, who are really guys that no one knew about a year ago... heck Zaromskis was fighting in Cage Rage I think .

Sengoku's have been good too, Santiago really made a name for himself by winning it last year after a pretty mediocre run in the UFC, now he's on the main card of a stacked Affliction event. Satoru Kitoaka made a fan of me last year too by leglocking the **** out of everyone, and this year's featherweight tourney has been entertaining as well.

Too bad we'll never see tournaments in the UFC again, because something like that at lightweight or light heavy would be awesome. I guess the closest we got was the four-man Randy/Lesnar/Nog/Mir mini-tourney recently.

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