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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
I am between 13" and 14" shins so I bought the 14" One90 shins as they run a little small. They are still a little big on my though, but better than most other shin pads in terms of fit. I like how they cradle the knee with the floating bit as I had a very close call with a knee injury going into the boards and like the protection.

That's a great idea to bring your skates in, and maybe even your pants. You want to make sure you have enough protection when standing that the pants cover the top half of your kneecap so there's no gap. Then make sure there's no interference between the shin pads and your skate tongue (depending on if you skate tongues in or out).

But most shin pads out there will do the job just fine, get something that fits, doesn't have to be the top of the line, I just got the One90's because they were out of the One70's, they're pretty similar.
The One90s are good .... yep yep yep.

I bought some CCM vector ones after trying them on, I liked how they fit over my skate top and how my knee fit in the knee pocket.

Yeah I am going to be buying some pants soon and want some Tackla ones after reading some recommendation around here. I'll be bringing in my shinguards I wear when I buy the pants just to make sure though I doubt it would be a problem it could be. It may point me to a different model Tackla pant that has a longer thigh part or something.

I'm glad you found your shinpads that are the best for you.

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