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07-21-2009, 02:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Stubbs88 View Post
I came back to the dressing room after a game and there was 10 bucks missing out my wallet, and my habs hat. It was only a bud light hat but it kinda pissed me off cause I had to buy a few cases to get it, plus the 24 (with a buddy) the night before and I was hurting that morning.

Kind of a funny story too.
I had had my gear airing out on the back step, and went out to throw it in the car and there was a massive dog near it. This dog picked up my shin pad and took off through the back field lol. Mind you it was the middle of February and all I had on was a pair of shorts, had just planned on running to the car. So I'm chasing to dog through the field and through peoples yards in just shorts and shoes, the ground was covered in snow. The kind of snow that is shell on top but ya just break right through it. Anyway, the dog stops in a yard a little while later and just leaves my shin pad, but my legs were all cut up from the hard snow ahah. Good time.

Musta been that hard crusty ice layer on top of softer snow right? I hate that ... I'm happy you got your stuff back haha.

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